A clear and compelling vision informs and energizes each footstep.  Orange Star consultants bring broad, tested perspectives of a complex and constantly changing world.  You can integrate the fresh views and energizing new possibilities into your vision and plans.

For more on the strategic importance of IT culture,  see Risk & Compliance magazine.

a compelling vision and plan

Orange Star consultants will work with you to create a clear picture of a future that propels your IT team and the business you support. The picture and supporting plan will thoughtfully position innovation, value creation and risk considerations into a powerful communication vehicle and instrument of change.

ongoing guidance

The "Executive Ally" service provides access to a seasoned professional and confidant, who brings multiple perspectives to you as needed: a fresh pair of eyes, a sounding board, or a devil's advocate. CIOs appreciate the safe exploration and expansion of possibilities around complex issues, featuring:  

  • twelve months of unlimited call access
  • a one day, on-site consultation session in key area of concern
  • three quarterly, on-site consultation meetings in key area of concern



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