The "secret sauce" of project management that ensures the smooth delivery of predictable benefits is experience. Orange Star consultants have extensive project management experience with complex global change initiatives.  Engage this rich and relevant experience creatively to ensure the success of your most challenging project.


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project quality assurance

Project management is challenging.  It is no secret that the majority of complex IT projects fail to deliver ... on budget, schedule or outcomes. Statistically speaking, as project complexity increases, the probability of success decreases.  

An Orange Star consultant will periodically review your project to provide an independent confirmation or identify opportunities for proactive course correction.  For your most critical delivery project, it simply and effectively increases the probability of success.    

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effective project positioning 

The most important phase of a project is its beginning.  Too often, projects are destined for failure from their very onset because stakeholder expectations, scope, resources, and timelines are not aligned or do not have a basis in reality.

An Orange Star consultant will work with you, behind the scenes, to ensure that your project is positioned for success, by aligning key stakeholders around ambitious but realistic outcomes, and crafting a plan that ensures a smooth delivery and predictable outcomes.